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Member Profiles


Name: Sia 

Date of Birth: November 5, 2002

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

Nationality: Indian

Height: 160cm

Languages: Hindi and English

Favorite Artists: Twice, BTS, Selena Gomez, Harry Styles, Adam Levine 

Favorite Colors: Yellow, Blue, and Black

Hobbies: Songwriting, playing chess, and exploring the world. 


Interesting Facts: 

-Right now she's working on her vocals. 

-Songwriting is her passion

-Recently completed 1 year in classical dancing.

-Captain of her college's hockey team. 

-She loves sketching in her free time. 

-During the summer she interned as an RJ at her city's radio station. 


Name: JESSI 

Date of Birth: August 15, 2005

Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Nationality: Uzbek

Height: 167cm

Languages: Tajik, Uzbek, Korean, English, Russian

Favorite Artists: Taylor Swift, Halsey, Bloo, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj

Favorite Colors: Light blue and yellow. 

Hobbies: Reading about space and planets, watching funny TV shows, dancing, and singing. 


Interesting Facts: 

-She believes in parallel lives.  

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Name: Hind

Date of Birth: September 4, 2006

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

Nationality: Italian

Height: 162cm

Languages: French, Italian, Spanish, English, Arabic

Favorite Artists: Taeyeon, EXO, and Ailee

Favorite Color: Pastel Blue

Hobbies: Singing and Dancing


Interesting Facts: 

-Already has done 2 years of dance, 1 year of classical, and 1 year of hip-hop.

-Started dancing at age 6. 

-Has played football for 2 years. 



Name: Vliya

Date of Birth: December 17, 2006

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Nationality: Indian

Height: 165cm

Languages: Hindi, English, and basic Korean

Favorite Artists: BTS, BLACKPINK, Justin Beiber, Ed Sheeran

Favorite Colors: Pink, Navy Blue, and Black

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Cooking, and Playing Basketball


Interesting Facts: 

-She has exams now but soon she'll do a dance cover. 


Name: May

Date of Birth: October 9, 2007

Position: Vocalist

Nationality: French

Height: 166cm

Languages: French, English, and Spanish

Favorite Artists: Giveoon and Enhypen 

Favorite Colors: Pink, Red, and Blue

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, and Reading


Interesting Facts: 

-She did hip-hop and modern dance when she was little. 

-Once she participated in a choir. 

-She played cello for 4 years. 

-She did 1-2 years of gymnastics. 

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