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YNA Entertainment is a diverse music label that hosts many artists from various countries, some of our artists and their families have been impacted by the Earthquake in Turkey, we urge you to donate to our relief fund, these funds will go directly to these families in Turkey who have been affected for things like hotel fees if the family had to leave their home due to evacuation, emergency expenses, and eventual repairs to damaged property. YNA stands with its Turkish artists and we want to do everything in our power to help impacted artists get back on their feet and stay safe. Even if you don't donate through us we urge you to find a reputable relief fund and donate, many people have lost their homes, and their family members, and are struggling to find a way to stay safe, everyone deserves basic human rights to shelter, food, safety, and clothing.

Ophelia, Nymphea, Evrem, Lydia, MaisaLuna, Rojin, Yagmur, Linda, NQ, Ivy, Daizy, Nea, Taekwoon, Hwayoung, Nara, Vexana, Masal, Melody, Buse, Vanessa, Diana, Yuna, Mina, Kim Yona, Lenora, Ezel

We stand with you always. 

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Dramatic Flowers


YNA Entertainment is a diverse music label that believes a good idol is built from skill, passion, and perseverance, as well as admiration for other cultures.

YNA strives to produce cutting edge, various genres of music while also sharing intimate moments with fans.

Artists under the label include LUX, Mina, Creese, and THORA(X)

Look forward to debuts coming 2022-2023 from MXS, NVRLND, 1004, and more. 

2023 Debuts

2022 Debuts

Audition Notices

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YNA is looking for interns with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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