Audition Instructions

1. Select the correct form, auditions are currently being held for US pop Girl Groups: UQ and 4U; US-Japanese-Korean Girl Group: ILU; Kpop Girl Group: Valkyrie; Online Kpop Girl Group Survival Show "Level Up"; Co-Ed US pop Group: NOVA, and Kpop-US pop Boy Group MXS. General Auditions are always open. 

2. Download (or click the links) and fill out the application. If applying for general auditions you'll need to email your audition to for group-specific auditions simply fill out the form, upload the required files and submit. 

3. For general auditions please include a profile picture (must be of yourself) and also at least 30 seconds of audio or video of your skills. 

YNA Entertainment General Auditions Form

YNA Entertainment General Auditions Minors Form

Audition Notices

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